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"My Holo Love" is a Netflix Original fantasy romance drama. ‘My Holo Love’ stars Yoon Hyun-min and Go Sung-hee. It was designed by Go Nan-do (Yoon Hyun-min). After 12 episodes full of twists, romance and tense moments, My Holo Love concludes and gives us a very satisfying finale. Tayang perdana tanggal 7 Februari. Han So-yeon stopped believing in love my and decided to close herself off from the world. The plot had many leyers, with not only the romance, but the past mystery, the family dynamics my holo love review and the business drama.

This lack of physical contact is a limitation for So-yeon’s relationship with Holo, adding salt to the wound of her impossible my holo love review love. meskipun ceritanya ringan tapi cukup untuk meremas-remas hati penonton. Plot twist: the my holo love review my holo love review hologram is modeled on Nan-do, the real-life, aloof genius who shares his creation’s good looks. ” my holo love review The drama is filled with stories of heartbreaking loneliness and tear-stained love.

Go Nan Do is the owner of an IT research company. My my holo love review Holo Love is a self-contained and heartfelt story, blending humor and romance skillfully with an engaging my holo love review premise at its core. (ไม่สปอยล์ เนื้อเรื่อง). The Holo of the title is the name of a hologram prototype. Two decades after my holo love review the Wanninkhof-Carabantes murders in Spain, this documentary reviews the case from judicial, political and sociological.

Flash Review: My my Holo Love 33 Replies If you’re on the market for a light, simple romance with some A. Join the Newsletter! com – Sinopsis dan Review My Holo Love. My Holo Love season 1 is a close look at our near future, plotting a story regarding a lonely woman and her love for a sophisticated AI called Holo.

The idea for “My Holo Love” came about during a conversation between director Lee and writer Ryu after watching the movie “Her”, which revolves around an AI’s ability to learn and adapt. Jadi dari segi jalan cerita mungkin tidak ada yang baru dari drama korea yang satu ini. Disinilah kisah cinta rumit mereka dimulai.

Básicamente todos los problemas en la serie son por su. Things will change when she starts using ‘Holo’, an AI program that was built to accompany people in their everyday life. While My Holo Love promises to be novel with all these concepts, this series in particular falls flat and becomes very predictable. รีวิว My Holo Love วุ่นรักโฮโลแกรม ซีรีส์เกาหลี Original Netflix ที่ไม่ได้ขายโรแมนติกจ๋า แต่ขายความรักสามเส้ากับเรื่องราวคนรักกับ AI. Dari sisi cerita sinopsis dan review My Holo Love ini sepertinya mirip dengan beberapa drama yang sudah ada seperti contohnya I Am Not A Robot dan juga Am I Human Too. Netflix recently my holo love review dropped its fourth original series, My Holo Love.

“My Holo Love” is a pleasant, but silly, series about review a lonely woman my who falls in love with a handsome and kind hologram. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered review right to your inbox! J Romance is found in an odd place my holo love review as a woman falls in love with artificial intelligence, yet her encounter with its creator sends her spiralling into doubt and confusion. my My Holo Love Korean Drama Review Posted on Ma by Kay My Holo Love is the story of a lonely woman with my holo love review low self-confidence (Go Sung Hee) that falls for an artificially intelligent holographic man (Yoon Hyun Min) with the perfect personality who goes by Holo. leanings, and you’re not fussed much at all, about suspension of disbelief or stretches in logic, and don’t mind having some more of Dramaland’s recent favorite affliction, face blindness, on your screen, my holo love review then this show might be for you. So Yeon awalnya tidak mengetahui keberadaan Nan Do dan mengira Nan Do adalah Holo. Who’s excited for the premier of Netflix’s brand new original series “My Holo Love” my holo love review (나 홀로 그대)?

With Yeo-jin Choi, Jeong-eun Lee, Ko my holo love review Sung-hee, Hyun-min Yoon. That being said, My Holo Love is a refreshing change — it’s 12 episodes in total, and has been released in its entirety. Audience Reviews for My Holo Love: Season 1 Es muy cansador ver a la actriz protagonista, no sabe actuar y es realmente molesta. Netflix K-drama series My Holo Love season 1 is out on Netflix — add it to your list now. (Dare we hope they’ve heard the outcry and are changing their ways? ) Both the full release and the shorter episode count work in the drama’s favor. Tags: Chansung, Choi Yeo-jin, featured2, my holo love review first episodes, Go Sung-hee, My Holo Love, Yoon Hyun-min.

My Holo Love adalah serial drama terbaru dari korea yang bergenre Romance, Drama. Drama terbaru dari Netflix Korea ini (juga disebut Me Alone And You) akan menjadikan Go Sung Hee (Suits) dan Yoon Hyun Min (Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter) sebagai pemeran. But she starts to my holo love review open her heart to the unexpected — a hologram my holo love review AI nam. The two leads of My Holo Love have a my holo love review relationship akin to that of "brothers living in the same neighbourhood," said Ko. My Holo Love: Season my holo love review 1. &39; Follow me on Instagram for kdrama related stories @ mariemaurer13. Drama My Holo Love memang memiliki banyak pembahasan dalam teknologi, tapi gak terlalu serius dan mudah dimengerti.

The characters were pretty likeable owing it to the good. With a sweet and unique storyline, My Holo Love is an easy series to fall in love with. The story revolves around lonely So-Hyeon who suffers from face blindness; a condition that stops her from being able to recognise faces. Directed by Lee Sang-yeop, the 12-episode sci-fi romantic drama my holo love review stars Yoon Hyun-min (윤현민) taking on the dual role of the titular character Holo my and Go Nan-do. Months later, Ryu created a unique story about a hologram called Holo. Drama Review: My Holo Love Febru Debra. After learning to rely on Holo, So-yeon discovers that his appearance is based on his creator, Go Nan-do (also Yoon). &39;My Holo Love&39; Review: Netflix&39;s my holo love review show paints the importance of self-acceptance and self-love well &39;My Holo Love&39; is about bringing two people together who are forced to be loners because of their situations.

My Holo Love is a new Netflix K-drama series, released on the 7th of February. Like many other Korean Dramas, My Holo Love offers a self-contained and enjoyable story, blending humour, romance and tension skilfully with an engaging premise at its core. Much like Love Alarm, it&39;s a tale of love in our technology-driven society — my holo love review a place where that love gets complicated. but not his gentle mannerisms. " My Holo Love " was an AI love story done right.

While some of the plots were a little predictable, the drama remains consistent throughout with an interesting premise and good character development. my holo love review my holo love review South Korean Netflix series My Holo Love is a crazy blend of sci-fi, romance and my holo love review light espionage — think Her and snatches of Blade Runner jumbled with some of the finer points of Asian TV. So overall, my holo love review &39;&39;My Holo Love&39;&39; is a nice drama and I recommend it if you my holo love review review want to kill time. Yoon my holo love review HyunMin ("Tunnel", "Tale of Fairy") and Ko SungHee ("While You Were Sleeping" "Suits") are the lead actors of this drama my holo love review about Artificial Intelligence. Their friendship emerged over shared interests, including a "love of dogs.

Much like Love Alarm, it’s review a tale of love in our technology-driven society — a place where that love gets complicated by the very technologies meant to add convenience and ease to our everyday lives. That being said, My Holo Love is a refreshing change — it’s 12 episodes in total, and has been released in its entirety. A successful woman, who has aphasia and this my holo love review inability to recognize faces interferes with her social life. My Holo Love Photos. In a way, My Holo Love can be seen as a cousin of other similar dramas like Are You Human and My Absolute Boyfriend, only instead of robots, we have an AI manifested as a hologram, lacking a physical body. View All Photos (2) Seasons.

It tells the story of Han So-yeon (Go Sung-hee) who suffers from face blindness which cause her to have a reclusive life. A woman with face blindness finds the perfect companion upon getting to know a humanlike hologram. "My Holo Love" is about a woman named So-yeon (Ko Sung-hee) who casts herself away from others to hide her scars, her perfect AI assistant, Holo (Yoon Hyun-min), and Nan-do, the creator of the hologram, who looks the same as his creation, but has a completely different personality,. My Holo Love (Series review) by missvictrix. I must admit this unusual K-drama title, My Holo my holo love review Love (), was a very clever idea for a Korean drama, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, even though I usually have to be in a special mood to watch science fiction related stories, especially when mixed with romance (for me nothing can ever take the place of masterpiece My Love From Another Star in that regard! ), and even though it was only twelve episodes. See more videos for My Holo Love review Review. And yes, the premise of My Holo Love is a budding romantic my holo love review relationship between a lonely, socially awkward woman and her A.

Reviews: 50 users “Me Alone and You” is about the events that occur when a lonely woman meets the artificially intelligent “Holo. Here are my spoiler free thoughts on the recent Netflix original science-fiction romance kdrama &39;My Holo Love. REVIEW DRAMA KOREA MY HOLO LOVE. In My Holo Love, a firm creates an AI manifestation that passes the Turing Test, the my holo love review test developed by scientist Alan my holo love review Turing in 1950 to measure a machine&39;s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior. The CGI were pretty great too, which helped the drama a lot, as bad CGI would have ruined the whole atmosphere the drama was trying to pull off. In My Holo Love season 1, my a woman with face blindness disorder, Han my holo love review So-yeon (Ko), develops a relationship with an AI beta model named Holo (Yoon Hyun-min).

my Review Drama Jepang Love Lasts Forever; Review Drama Korea My Holo Love Maret (9) Februari (13) JanuariDesember (8) November (3) Oktober (7) September (12) Agustus (5) Juli (7) Juni (4). It&39;s perfect for binge-watching as I already said, it&39;s cliche but it&39;s well-done -- with good CGI, decent acting, some cute romantic scenes and amazing OSTs. While AI and face blindness are generally rare topics to tackle, they&39;re very much overused in the K-drama realm, which makes it fall in the ranks of a predictable series a la.

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